Because adults can be kids sometimes too.

Trix are for kids, we know, we've seen the rabbit try to get his hands on the cereal for decades, but adults can get a Trix cocktail in Chicago.

The Sixth, is a bar in Chicago, now holds the power to transport you back to your childhood, with the sweet flavors of the sugary cereal blended with gin and lime juice.

Benjamin Schiller is the head bartender at The Sixth, he created the cocktail after getting frustrated with regular ice cubes watering down drinks and messing with the flavors he spent so much time developing.

He decided he would find a way to make the ice cubes add to the drink when they melt instead of take away from it. Thus, the Trix drink was born.

The drink includes four colorful flavored ice cubes that mimic the flavors of Trix cereal. The ice is served with lime juice, soda, mint bitters and gin.

I'm not usually a fan of gin, but I would absolutely try gin mixed with Trix.