Businesses that share the same products tend to find ways to copy each other.

That's a good thing too. Some of the best ideas are stolen from someone else.

So when I read that the Alamo Drafthouse, sorry no locations in Illinois, was going to start renting out their empty movie theaters to people, it got me thinking.

What if AMC Theatres, with two locations in the Rockford area, one on East State and the other in Machesney Park, both decided to start renting out their also empty movie theaters?

It might just work too.

Alamo Drafthouse launched “Your Own Private Alamo,” which allows you to invite up to 30 guests starting at just $150 to reserve a theater and showtime and watch one of 40 movies in what they say is a safe, sanitized environment.

That sounds like something that could be pulled off at any empty movie house in America.

Of all the things I miss the most during these times is going to the movies. I know, I'm starting to feel like the only one here. Most people thought the theatre experience was bad before the coronavirus.

Movie tickets are ridiculously expensive and don't even get me started on the price of concessions. To top it all off, movie theaters are historically gross. Couple all those factors especially the grossness factor with the pandemic, and you have an environment people don't really want any part of.

However, what if, just what if, AMC Theatres in Rockford decided to start renting out their property for private movie showings? Could be pretty awesome.

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