Pray for Ellie Goulding.

By now, you're no doubt aware that the "Love Me Like You Do" singer-songwriter did the unthinkable over the weekend, posting a photograph alongside Lorde...and, gulp, alleged Stealer Of Dancers, Katy Perry — Enemy #1 within the circle of cookie-baking witches better known as the Taylor Swift Coven.

After all, it was the Teenage Dream diva herself who (reportedly) inspired the vitriol behind Tay Tay's 1989 track, "Bad Blood." Ellie should know, too — she co-starred in the song's ass-kicking video. Ellie. YOU IN DANGER, GIRL.

@elliegoulding, Instagram

Of course, Ellie then deleted said incriminating photo moments later, no doubt to protect her very life and the worldly possessions she holds dear. But one cannot simply undue a transgression on the Internet, for it will live on forever on the blogosphere. And now, she's on major damage control.

During an interview on the red carpet of last night's Glamour Awards, Ellie was asked about deleting that photo...and her answer reeked of terror.

"No...I deleted that because I looked bad in it," stammered Goulding, clearly distracted by visions of the Swift-summoned demons that continue to haunt her in her sleep. "I think I was a bit drunk and I thought it wasn't a very good, uh...example of myself." Oh, drunk? Really? A LIKELY STORY. We can all see the fear in your eyes. You're marked.

Ellie, there's nothing else you can do but surround yourself in a circle of 1989 Target Edition CDs, spray the room with Wonderstruck perfume and pray to the Lorde. We're lighting a protection candle for you right now.



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