There are a lot of dumb things that happen in the state of Illinois. The list is too large to name and if you have lived here for longer than a minute you already know what's up.

Probably one of the dumbest things about Illinois is that Snooki is our 'favorite' member of the 'Jersey Shore' cast.

"Turns out Snooki’s popularity only grew bigger as her hair poof got smaller. At 28.8M followers on various social media platforms, she comes in at #1 on the Jersey Shore popularity contest."

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The win here, if you want to call it that, is that Pauly D and The Situation are where they belong. The losers bracket. One year, while I was working down in Panama City Beach, FL for Spring Break, Pauly came to Club LaVela for a DJ set. He sucked. Totally saw that coming. Although, he was not the worst DJ I saw that year. That title belongs to Joe Jonas (this was before DNCE).

Not gonna lie. After reading this, I kind of want to set myself on fire.

The only graphic I don't get is New Jersey. I have so many questions. Is the state actually a cast member of the show? Are they just fans of the state because the cast members are so embarrassing? If that is the case, can we change Illinois to fans of New Jersey too?