No, Urlacher isn't cheating on his supermodel wife, but he was getting cuddly in LA earlier this week. 

It's so funny how one photo posted by a celebrity can send the entire Internet in a tizzy.

Brian Urlacher posted this photo on his Instagram account on Monday and everyone is having a blast anaylzing it.

Did this guy randomly fall asleep on the retired Bear defenseman?

Did he do it on purpose?

We may never know. But we do know that there are some awesome comments on the photo.

Including these:

sam_i_am_lvl25It's the hair! You're harder to recognize now! 😂😂😂😂

dabears838 - That's so awesome bet he's dreaming about meeting Brian Urlacher one day.

im_a_jedi13@54urlacher very cool of you to let him nap. You are literally a shoulder to lean on 😅

remaxdreamkynseI never thought I would be jealous of someone sleeping on a bus. 😘❤️


We'd probably try to cuddle with Urlacher too.

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