When post-season baseball is right around the corner, you have to call in an expert to have a chat.

Life-long Cubs fan over there... but recent Frank Thomas fan.

I have to tell you I didn't know that much about Frank Thomas before I talked to him this week.

Of course I knew he was a really great baseball player, and that he played for the Chicago White Sox, but honestly that was the bulk of the Frank Thomas info in my head.

Now however, I could write a book about him! Ok, maybe not a book, but a chapter.

It was so much fun to talk to 'The Big Hurt,' on Good Day Stateline's Fall Fun Week.

Despite the fact that I will always pick the Chicago Cubs over the Chicago White Sox, I definitely only have nice things to say about Frank Thomas... full name always.

Before I spoke with him, I did a little research that didn't end up coming into conversation, but did you know that Frank Thomas is really into pinball games?

Who knew?

I also didn't know that he was one of the only big time hitters who would do interviews when the baseball world was caught up in the Performance Enhancing Drugs debate.

He was very against using them.

He was also a designated hitter, which I will NEVER understand.

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