Long has HBO's 'Game of Thrones' reigned as one of TV's most expensive series in history, but at long last, it has a far more boast-worthy title. Tony Soprano has officially lost the HBO throne, as 'Game of Thrones' has surpassed 'The Sopranos' to become the most-watched and highest-rated series for the premium cable network.

HBO confirmed the news on Thursday, clarifying that where 'The Sopranos' highest numbers peaked at 18.2 million viewers in 2002, 'Game of Thrones' scored a collective 18.4 million viewers in its fourth season, still currently airing on Sunday nights. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that HBO hadn't had such services as DVR and HBO GO, nor a rabid internet fanbase to stoke the fires of its viewership. Counter balancing that is how 'Game of Thrones' remains one of the most pirated series of all time, marking millions of viewers not figuring into HBO's statistics.

The past season of 'Game of Thrones' raked in an average of 14.4 million viewers, while the two remaining episodes of the season could send the season 4 average even higher. Lest we forget, there's the all-out war of "The Watchers on the Wall" this Sunday, and the June 15 finale "The Children."

Well, what say you? Was Tony Soprano robbed of the crown, or did 'Game of Thrones' rightly take its place as HBO's most-watched series? Tell us your favorite of the two HBO shows in the comments, after a preview of Sunday's newest episode!

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