Unfortunately, you're not the richest person in Illinois, unless, maybe, you are Lukas Walton. If you're not, we can all learn about him together. 

The richest people in the world are so interesting. I don't know them personally, maybe they're boring, but the concept of being the richest or one of the richest people in the entire world is so astonishing.

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Think about it. You're walking down the street and you're just thinking... 'richer than that guy, richer than that lady, richer than that dog, richer than pretty much everyone on earth.'

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Such a vibe.

Most of us will never know what that feels like, but perhaps we will someday find ourselves in the presence of the richest man in Illinois, let's get to know him just in case.

That man is Lukas Walton. Walton? Like Sam Walton, the guy who invented Walmart? That's the guy!

Lukas is Sam's grandson and for the second year in a row, according to Forbes, he's the richest person in Illinois. 

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This year his net worth is $28 billion.

While he might be the richest person in Illinois, he's not the richest person in his family. That honor goes to his uncle, Jim Walton, who according to NBC Chicago, lives in Arkansas. No shocker, he's the richest person in that state, and he's worth about $79.4 billion.

Writing this story makes me feel like I'm worth about $15, maybe $36? What about you?

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