It all started as a meme on the internet that originated in Australia. Many people were buying toilet paper in bulk due to the recent Coronavirus out break, but the toilet paper bulk buying quickly spread around the world.

Stores Nationwide are now seeing shortages of toilet paper. I went to a Walmart here in Quad cities, and my sister went to one in Cedar Rapids, and both were out of toilet paper. They were also out of Lysol, but that one makes way more sense to me.

Memes are still flooding in about this situation, but I still can't help but wonder why toilet paper. This virus doesn't attack anything that should involve toilet paper. People should be buying other things first right?

The answer is pretty simple why it's toilet paper. Once you see one person do something, more usually follow. People see these memes about the toilet paper being sold out in one store, so it makes those people want to get it before it's gone. What started out as something that was almost a joke has now has become a serious issue.

Buying in bulk due to fear is understandable, but buying way more than you need hurts others who didn't have time to stop by the store. This bulk buying trend with toilet paper is a bit ridicules, and now has lead to people having to buy paper towels or find someone willing to sell some toilet paper for a way higher price. What a wild time. Hopefully those who bought toilet paper in bulk remembered to buy food.

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