Are you registered to vote? You can check if you are, and if you're not you can register HERE! 

Voting looks a lot different this year. A lot of people are choosing to vote by mail instead of going to a polling place in person. Which makes sense obviously because of COVID-19. But there's still a large amount of people, myself included, who really want to vote in person.

And Uber wants to help us do that. According to WIFR, Uber said -

Uber believes every eligible American citizen should have access to vote and the company knows it is uniquely positioned to help move people to the polls. That’s why they’ve been working hard to ensure everyone, regardless of what barriers they face, has access to vote.

So how exactly are they helping you find your polling place? Uber has an in-app poll-finding feature and 50 percent off roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $7 each trip or $14 for the two trips). Once riders book their discounted ride, they’ll see the car icon featuring an American flag, according to Uber.

WIFR details -

Uber is proud to use their technology to help eligible Americans get safely to the polls this Election Day. As Election Day nears, voters will be able to access important information in the Uber and Uber Eats app.

Happy voting!

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