If you've ever wanted to float down the Chicago River in a hot tub, now's your chance to do it this winter with 5 of your best friends.

Don't limit yourself to a 90 degree summer day to enjoy a hot tub experience.  Grab your friends, alcohol, and your favorite bathing suits and cruise down the gorgeous waters in Chicago!

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The Chicago Electric Boat Company launched their 90-minute hot tub boat rides that seat up to six guests.  Food might not be allowed on the ride, but alcohol is a-okay!

"With seating for up to 6 people, these boats are perfect for intimate sunset cruises or gatherings with friends, creating a cozy winter experience." [CEBC]⁠


Prices start at $156 and you can book 2-hour experiences.  If you're not able to make time to book during the winter months, you have all of 2024 to make reservations!

You can take in the gorgeous views of the Chicago cityscape and get the most breathtaking, Instagram-worthy photos during your boat ride, too.

"Our hot tub boats are the best choice for rentals throughout the year! This unique experience offers a wonderful way to cruise the Chicago River whether it's a gathering of friends or an intimate sunset cruise, our hot tub boats provide the perfect setting for memorable moments."

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So, whether you're looking to enjoy a date night with your boo or have a day on the water with friends, a hot tub boat ride might be in your near future!

If you're looking for something more... dry... they have plenty of other boat rides you can book, too! Details all on Chicago Electric Boat Company's website.

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