Friday night another police car was struck by a drunk driver. It seems like citizens are playing bumper cars with officers this year. Since January 1st, ten different squad cars have been hit by other drivers. A lot of these accidents are from when an officer already has a driver pulled over and then their squad car gets hit by a motorist that's not paying attention. If these driver would pay attention to Scott's law this wouldn't happen as much.

Illinois State Police Document


Scott's law states that if you are approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle that is flashing it's lights in red, yellow, blue or white, state law mandates that you move over into the opposite lane and slow down. Illinois Police haven't really enforced this law too much in the last few years but with over 10 squad cars being hit since January, they are now going to be enforcing it. Also, they will use 2 cars now to pull over a driver, If another motorist drives by and does not get over, the 2nd squad car will pull them over and write them a ticket. Honestly, these officers are sick of getting ran into. Please obey the laws on the roads, after all They're here to protect us.