It's a great day to be this Illinois man after reaching a $91 million dollar settlement in a crash at 7-Eleven that left him amputated.

If your biggest fear is being involved in a freak accident, you'll be even more paranoid after hearing the series of unfortunate events that this Chicago man endured.

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Luckily, he is being compensated for the pain, trauma, and everything he has gone through since the incident.

Illinois Man Wins $91 Million Dollar Settlement In 7-Eleven Crash Lawsuit

6 years ago, a 57-year-old man was standing outside a 7-Eleven gas station waiting for his ride when a driver pulled into the parking lot, accidentally hit the accelerator, and the car jerked forward over a curb.

The man waiting for his ride was hit by the car, pinning him against the building of 7-Eleven.  His injuries sent him to the hospital where his legs were then amputated.

Robberies at 7-Eleven stores in California
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"A spokesperson for 7-Eleven, which operates about 8,000 locations nationwide, said the company was “heartbroken by this tragedy” and its thoughts were with the man and his family." [insurancejournal]


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Now, the amputee has reached a $91 million dollar settlement with 7-Eleven.

The man's attorney said the crash could've been prevented if 7-Eleven installed posts between the storefront and the parking spaces.

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The reckless driver did plead guilty in the end and the convenience store didn't violate any codes or ordinances, despite what the attorney had to say.

Obviously, nobody wants to get into a dangerous, horrific situation like this.  I will say, at least the man got a pretty nice payout and prosthetics!

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