Before you can even get your hands on this year's Veterans Q BBQ Boy Toys Calendar, you can take a peek inside. 

If you can believe it, 2023 is almost over. We have less than two months left to make sure 2023 is a great year in our history books. That sounds stressful.

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What doesn't sound stressful, is prepping for 2024 by ordering a new calendar. Easy peasy. Might I introduce you to the newest Veterans Q BBQ Boy Toys Calendar.

Veterans Q Barbecue Sauce & Rubs was created in 2017 by two brothers in Illinois who made their own BBQ sauce and participated in competitive BBQ events for a few years and realized their sauce was so good they should start a company.

So they did, and each year not only do they create a ton of delicious sauces and rubs, but they also give back to Veterans organizations. Veterans Q donates 50% of their profits to different Vet groups. They're currently donating to Operation Warrior Wishes, Oscar Mike Foundation, Veterans Path to Hope, Lake County Responds for Veterans, Chicago Veterans, Honor Flight Chicago and Wounded Warriors in Action.

A few years ago they thought... why don't we have a little more fun with our BBQ sauce and thus the BBQ Boy Toys Calendars were born.

I've been lucky enough to hang out with Steve, one of the brothers who created Veterans Q, every year around Veterans Day to show off the calendars.

Veterans BBQ Boy Toys Calendars from the Past

And this year, we were the first ones to see the calendars in print!

2024 Veterans Q BBQ Boy Toys Calendar

Veterans Q
Veterans Q

You can order yours now on their website. 

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