We love scrolling through socials and coming across something that actually makes us LOL. Enter Inzombia Coffee and their Halloween Series in downtown Rockford.

You've got a week left to celebrate Halloween, so it's time to DO IT BIG!

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That means this weekend, you have to devote at least an entire day to Halloween. Might I suggest Saturday. If you're in Rockford, you have a whole host of events happening on October 28, including 'Spook the Blocks,' in downtown Rockford.

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Over 30 different downtown businesses are opening their doors from noon until 4pm for trick-or-treating, shopping deals, t-shirt printing and pretty much everything else you can think of to celebrate Hallo-weekend.

One of those businesses is Inzombia Coffee, at 306 E State Street, where you can grab a drink including one of their brand new (and sort of secret) Halloween series drinks.

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The Inzombia team isn't posting these drinks in the store, you can only see the list on their Facebook and Instagram pages, so they suggest telling a friend because you don't want your bestie to miss out on a 'Dead Sheeran!'

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I actually LOL-ed when I came across this list on Instagram yesterday. Congrats to whoever created these names, they are fantastic.

Now, I'm focusing on the actual drink flavors... I'm leaning toward a Scary Underwood... maybe a Cardi B-ware?

What drink sounds the best to you?

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