Elyse and Tony are finally getting married after a three-year engagement, a baby and a house, and their "Save the Date" photo shoot should probably go viral before their big day.

Elyse Olson VIA Facebook
Elyse Olson VIA Facebook

I met Elyse working at a restaurant about five years ago. Quite possibly the most fun-loving girl I've ever met, who was always hungry and always smiling.

For such a tiny girl, you'd be surprised how much food she could order! We all loved her, and loved when she announced she was pregnant with a baby girl.

I haven't seen her since I stopped working at that restaurant, but I am still Facebook friends with her.

She and her fiance, Tony, have been engaged for a few years and they are finally planning their wedding, starting of course with a "Save the Date" photo shoot.

In the midst of looking for the perfect photo to send out, they ended up with this amazing shot of their daughter mid-tantrum.

Anyone else think they should just go with this one? Too adorable and hilarious.

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