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Don't burn the biscuits son, it might cost you...SG

An Illinois man by the name of Harry A. Woods III has been charged with aggravated battery after his son burned his biscuits.

Harry was some ticked about the burned biscuits, he grabbed a meat cleaver and put it under HIS SON'S NECK...and threated to kill him, sheesh!

The biscuits (with gravy of course) were part of a breakfast that was being prepared for Mr. Woods. His daughter threw them in oven and had to spilt, so she said "yo, watch my biscuits so they don't burn." Apparently the son in the matter didn't keep an eye on the baked goods and they burned. The son said, hey dad...they are just biscuits, we will make more its fine...That didn't sit well with Woody.

There was a pro wrestling like scuffle that happened with yelling, shoving, and a plater that got smashed over the son's head, AND he bit the kids finger! Harry than went for the finishing move and grabbed a meat cleaver. He pressed it to his son's neck, and threatened to kill him over the burned biscuits.

Woods is jailed in lieu of $20,000 bond, for getting ticked about the burnt dough. The six foot, 300lbs Harry Woods III will not pass go, will no collect $200 and will not get served biscuits in the slammer.

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