If you have a friend who lives a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, finding a place where everyone can agree on the food is a tough call.

Where do you go? Meat eaters tend to stay away from places that specialize in vegan menus.

It might be because they've never had a chance to eat at a vegan restaurant where the food isn't terrible.

I mean, I feel that that's the biggest thing going against all vegan restaurants, the food has no taste.

Then again, it might be because I have never tried one of America's best vegan restaurants.

Looking at 24/7 Tempo's list of the 35 Best Vegan Restaurants in America, I was surprised to see a diner in Illinois on the list.

The Chicago Diner was named one of the best and said the Truffle Lentil Mushroom Loaf is the standout dish on the menu.

Rated a 4 out of 5 on Yelp, reviewers seem to enjoy the grub at The Chicago Diner where Tim K. said "As a 'meat eater' I was pleasantly surprised at how good everything tasted!!!!"

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Tess S. added "Vegan or not, you're sure to have happy taste buds after eating here. Their EVERYTHING is delicious, I've never been unimpressed."

However, Tiffany S. wasn't as impressed, saying "I am still trying to understand what all the hype is about here! As a vegetarian this was the worst vegan spot ever!"

If you want to check out The Chicago Diner, they're located at 3411 North Halsted Street in Chicago.

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