You can now get this Girl Scout cookie dessert concoction at Pig Minds in Machesney Park. 

When we think Girl Scout cookies, we think delicious, but we also think the girls are selling them to families and friends. Sometimes getting the chance to sell outside to the rest of the community, but this year they also worked on selling to businesses.

The 'Cookie Business Challenge,' was put in place to encourage girls to sell their cookies to local businesses and one of those Scouts is Kimmy from Troop 102.

Kimmy sold an entire case of Thin Mints to Pig Minds in Machesney Park and now you can try their completely vegan dessert with the Thin Mints on top!

According to the Girls Scouts of Northern Illinois Facebook post, Kimmy also sold cases to Down Range LLC and Rochelle Eye Care Center.

Awesome job, Kimmy!

Hey Pig Minds, can you send me one of those after Lent is over? Thanks!


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