Love might be in the air, but here in Illinois, divorce is in the air, too.

Romance is all around, no matter what time of year it is. People are always getting hearts and flowers. But, it turns out that just might not be the case for most Illinois couples. I've got to say, seeing this made my heart a little sad for all of the Ilinoisans out there going through a separation.

According to research from the law firm, Schmidt & Clark, Illinois ranks 9th highest in states that are searching for 'divorce,' online.

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Does that necessarily mean they're searching for 'divorce,' because they want to get divorced? Not for sure, but it's not a great sign if you see the term in your spouse's search history.

Here's the breakdown. The law firm analyzed how many times each state had searches about divorces per 100K residents. The numbers aren't shockingly high, but what is interesting in the difference between the individual state searches and the national average.

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Tennessee is the top divorce-searching state, with 141 searches per 100K, which is 40 percent higher than the national average of 101.

Illinois ranked 9th on the list with 115 searches per 100K residents, which isn't horrific, but it's great by any means.

The study calls Alaska the state with the happiest marriages, with only 52 searches per 100K, but maybe the Alaskans just don't need to search to find their divorce lawyers? Who's to say, really.


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