Can you imagine sitting around eating Chocolate Santas in the middle of the year?

I mean, it would be weird to look at, but even in my house, which has four other people including three young boys, sometimes the Christmas candy will make it into the spring.

So while it would be a strange sight to see one of my kids enjoying a Chocolate Santa on Easter it's still better than eating a bowl of Christmas pudding any time of year.

That's because in a recent study done by Zippia they found using Google Trends, Chocolate Santas are Illinois' favorite Christmas treat.

Somehow, folks in nearby Indiana, as well as Tennesse, Kentucky, and Louisiana all enjoy a little pudding for the holidays.

Pudding? Who thinks pudding qualifies as a "Christmas treat," much less designates it as their "favorite" Christmas treat?

At least in Wisconsin, they get what it takes to enjoy a good holiday candy, their top choice is an Andes Peppermint. For me, that just screams Christmas.

What's your favorite Christmas treat? For me, I'll take a Reeses Peanut Butter Santa any time of year, even on Easter.

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