National Chili Day is in February, but we might want to move it to October.

Chili. It's a food that means a lot of things.

According to the dictionary, chili is a 'hearty stew that is also used as a topping condiment with or without meat.'

Which isn't very specific, which is probably why so many people have their own chili recipes and claim that there's is WAY BETTER than everyone else's.

I for one, have never made chili my life, so your recipe probably is better than what I would make, and if you think you have the best chili in the world, or at least the area, you might want to keep your eye on the Byron ChiliFest.

All we know so far is that it's coming back on October 15, but I have a feeling you'll be able to make some chili as part of the fest.

Now, if you'd rather not make the chili but eat it instead... and golf maybe... then might I suggest the Chili Shootout 3-man Scramble which is... also in Byron... and also on October 15.

This is taking place the Prairie View Golf Club, and is $60 per person, which includes the chili buffet and  'lots of fun.'

Would you rather cook chili or eat it?

What's your favorite chili recipe. We need to know it all! And apparently we need to know it all in the next month.

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