As a fan of both of these teams, I have to admit I was kind of surprised.

I figured for sure the Green Bay Packers fan base would take the crown, but then again, as a Chicago Bears fan, it's my job.

However, that might be why the Chicago Bears are one of the most annoying fan bases in sports according to Yard Barker via MSN.

They’re still living off the accomplishments of the 1985 team, and despite the fact that Chicago usually isn’t a serious threat, owing to its abysmal quarterback situation, fans still assume that every year is the one that will signal the team’s return to glory. The blind, unwavering, loudly expressed belief in the Bears would be exponentially more annoying, if it wasn’t so sad.

That wouldn't hurt so much if it wasn't true. Alas, it is, Every. Single. Word.

That's not all though, Yard Barker has one other Chicago-based professional sports team.

Cubs fans are spoiled, entitled and whiny and somehow managed to retain a put-upon vibe. Those are the nicest things I could say about them too.

While I agreed with the evaluation of the Chicago Bears fan base, I disagree with Yard Barker when it comes to the Cubs.

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins
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As a fan, when you finally win one, which they did (almost five years ago if you can believe that!) you want to win more and more. There's nothing wrong with wanting your team to take the title year after year.

If there's something wrong with that, then I'd proudly be part of the "annoying" fan base that wants more wins than losses.

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