Rejoice, rejoice, the weekend is upon us and you know what that means- it's time to relax with family and friends at the campgrounds, on your boats and in the backyard by the pool. All you need, is some ice cold beer.

And luckily, for those of us in Illinois, we can buy beer for cheap; but don't say that too loud. If politicians hear us discussing the cost of beer and how low it is, they may decide to tax the sugar out of it to help with the budget crisis.

According to Food and Wine, we have some of the cheapest beer in the US with a 24-pack costing, on average, $15.

Food and Wine
Simple Thrifty Living

Simply Thrifty Living did the number crunching and found that Illinois only fell behind California at $14.87; and Michigan at $14.62.

You'll have to drink cheap beer though, these prices are based on the cost of Bud Light and Miller Light; not your fancy pants craft beers.

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