The legal drinking age in Illinois is currently 21, but there has been talk about potentially changing it, leaving many people wondering if this is even a smart decision.

Did you know Illinois made the top 10 list of most drunk driving deaths in the country?  That's one of the worst lists I think I've ever heard of, by far.  Makes me sick.


It makes me even more nauseous to think about this proposed bill that could potentially put so many more people at risk on the road.

Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Lowering State's Legal Drinking Age

Freeport Representative John Cabello proposed a bill that the Illinois drinking age be lowered from 21 years old to 18 years old.

Passed in 1984, states had to raise their alcohol consumption age to 21.  So how do we feel about this proposed bill now?

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that having the minimum drinking age set at 21 has led to fewer vehicle crashes, has reduced underage drinking and has helped young Americans to avoid adverse outcomes, such as drug dependence, adverse health outcomes and suicide." [nbcchicago]

Some states are considering this, as well, but in a controlled environment.  This could potentially reduce irresponsible habits and fewer drunk driving incidents.


Plus, younger people are at-risk the MOST for drunk driving.  Ages between 21-24 account for nearly 27% of fatal alcohol-related crashes and ages 25-34 aren't far behind at 25% alcohol-impaired crashes.

The battle over the legal alcohol consumption age was a hot topic in the 80's, so this probably won't go over so well with some Illinois residents today.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think it should be lowered or stay at 21?

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