You know what's really hard to find these days? Besides a really good man and a therapist, it's a hair stylist.

Like the love of your life, you put a lot of trust and confidence in your stylist; you count on them to make you feel beautiful; add some color to your life and at times you need them to essentially perform miracles on your hair.

That's a lot of pressure to put on a person; but don't worry, they can handle it. After all, they've already been through enough just to earn their cosmetology license; but one salon owner in Illinois is trying to change that.

According to Chicago Tonight, Caroline Shamoun would like to propose the creation of a special license for blow-dry and styling only.

Shamoun says that many cosmetology students don't necessarily want to learn everything that falls under the cosmetology umbrella like make-up and nails; some just want to do blow-drys and styling.  This new license would allow you to do just that;  essentially cutingt the current requirement to earn your cosmetology license from 1,500 hours of study to 350 hours.

In addition to cutting back the number of study hours, Shamoun believes this will attract more students to cosmetology school, create more jobs and make more money for the state.

The state disagrees, saying that it limits the services that stylists offer to guests on a regular basis.

Stylists, sound off. What are your thoughts? Should the state pass a law that to offer a separate license for blow-dry and styling?

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