I'm starting to think that I led a very sheltered life as a child; that, or I'm just from a time when kids actually followed the rules and obeyed the law.

I lived right down the road from what was known as the Hellhouse Monastry, a giant, scary building that was rumored to be an insane asylum that was supposedly filled with ghosts and was owned by a creepy old dude who liked to scare any trespassers off with a shotgun. My friends and I passed it daily on our bikes and we dared each other to go in, but there was one thing that kept us from going in, the "No Trespassing" sign.

Well, a "No Trespassing" sign didn't stop one Illinois teen from slipping through a hole in the fence that surrounds the Joliet Correctional Facility this week.

According to ABC Chicago, two girls were on an "urban adventure" when they managed to get inside the prison and one of them managed to lock herself in a cell.

Instead of calling 911, they called the local fire department and they had to come out and rescue the girl. She was freed after about 45 minutes when firefighters had to use a sledgehammer to break the wall to set her free.

Boy, if this happened to me when I was a teenager, I'm sure the rescue mission would've went down a little differently - local authorities probably would've had a good laugh and said, "make her sit in there a while and think about what she did." They would come eventually, but it wouldn't have been in 45 minutes.

Both girls will face trespassing charges.

Hey at least it makes for a great story.


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