Sometimes it helps to be so bad it's good.

But maybe, just maybe it's exactly what people on Tinder need because this guy's poem seemed to do the trick.

Reddit user, Geecher posted "Huh, I've been on Tinder for awhile and was always to chicken to actually ask a girl on a date. This time build the courage and I did it. This'll be my first Tinder date."

Illinois Tinder Guy Scores Date With Quite Possibly The All-Time Worst Poem
Geecher via Reddit

Maria liked the poem enough to agree to a date and you really have to give the guy some credit.

Admittedly, he was scared to follow up with any of his Tinder matches so he went the artistic route on his very first try.

It takes guts, and now that he knows that kind of approach works, he (and the rest of Tinder) might be on to something for future matches.

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