With a new year comes a new TV show on FOX featuring talented singers and their famous relatives and the first episode was pretty big for those of us in Rockford, Illinois. 

Way back when, new TV shows only popped up in September. We'd get new shows maybe once or twice in February or March as they were being tested for a new run, but that was it. Nowadays January is a huge time for new TV especially when we're talking about talent competitions.

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The newest talent competition on FOX is called 'We Are Family.' The concept is pretty simple. Singers perform in front of an audience and give clues to help the audience guess who their famous relative might be.

Who would've guessed that in the very first episode, Rockford would be front and center!?

Not only did we get to see Rockford's own Evandia Penix on the show, but her cousin, also Rockford's own Michelle Williams!

Talk about a duo, am I right?

Of course, Michelle is one of the most notable people who was born in Rockford, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing Evandia shine bigger and brighter this year too.

Since the show was full of surprise reveals, Michelle and Evandia didn't get a chance to talk about it much ahead of time, thought Michelle did post this on Facebook as soon as the show ended.

Do we have any other Rockfordians who might end up on the show? It could happen!

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