In case you forgot... it's Valentine's Day! You're in luck, there's still time to get the love of your life... or anyone you're trying to fall in love with a bouquet on the cheap to celebrate.

We spent what felt like three months waiting for January to be over, yet somehow the middle of February popped up without any warning! How is it Valentine's Day already?

Valetine's Day is a big one for boxes of chocolate and bouquets of flowers, but one of those things is generally a lot easier to get last minute. However, it looks like Walmart is trying to make it easier to buy both of them last minute!

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You know, I'm usually a Target girl, but today I found myself downloading the Walmart app to see how I could get flowers delivered to my nieces without paying an insane last minute delivery charge, and I'm here to say it can happen.

It wasn't quite as inexpensive as I thought... you have to spend $35 or more to get free delivery with Walmart Plus, or you have to pay $6.99 for same day delivery.

Since I just downloaded the app, I am not a Walmart Plus member BUT there's a free 30 day trial... so, if you're good at remembering to cancel, today might be the day to try it out.

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I will say, I started my order in the morning and by the time I got to ordering it there were much less bouquets to choose from - so get to it!

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