A popular museum in Illinois is encouraging people to sign up to "eat blood" during special times over the next couple of weeks, and it is all tied to their new "blood" themed exhibit. Here are the details...

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Is there anything LESS appetizing than saying to someone "Hey, you want to eat blood?" If you are a vampire, then you need to head to the Field Museum in Chicago and sign up for their "Blood Apetite" dining experience going on from the end of February into early March.

In an article on NBC Chicago, they explain...

"Thanks to a new collaboration with local chefs, Chicagoans can dive into dishes with what may be an intimidating ingredient to many while receiving a discount to the Field Museum's newest exhibit in the process. "Blood Appetit" will allow Chicagoans to get a taste of dishes that include blood from a wide range of cuisines in commemoration of the "Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches" exhibit that features real and fictional characters who prey on blood for survival."

The article goes on to mention how one of the restaurants that will be participating in this will serve their famous blood sausage tacos. For more information on the Blood Appetite event going on at the Field Museum in Chicago, click here!

Would you sign up for this?

No, never in a million years. I love the Field Museum, I worked near it for years at the Adler Planetarium, and have been there many times, it is fantastic! But this is not for me...I know that things like blood sausage and other culinary dishes aren't the same as "eating blood" but it is close enough for me to stay away. I don't like blood, it makes me queasy right now even writing this article...

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