Having a special Starbucks Holiday cup is soooo 2022...Get yourself the special holiday Candy Cane drink from the most popular restaurant in the Land of Lincoln!

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According to NBC Chicago, Potillo's is releasing a special Candy Cane Shake for the Holiday season and it sounds delicious! In an article on NBC Chicago, they say...

"Just in time for the holiday season, Portillo’s is bringing back a customer favorite. According to the company, the “Candy Cane Shake” is making its triumphant return to the menu this week, and will be available through the end of the year. The delicious treat starts with a classic vanilla shake, and crushed candy canes are swirled into the concoction to give it some holiday kick."

To learn more about this special holiday treat and to check out the video release for the treat, click here!

Portillo's has the best shakes of any place in the state, the chocolate cake shake is literally to die for, so I can only imagine how flipping delicious the Candy Cane Shake will be. Luckily for me, I will be heading with my family to the Springfield, IL area before Thanksgiving so I will be near the closest Portillo's to us in the Quincy/Hannibal area, and I for sure will give the Candy Cane Shake a try. But if you have never been to Portillo's I can't stress this enough, make it a priority to stop at one when you are near one, the menu is perfect for families, the portions are big, and the food is terrific!

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