Hidden in the southern part of Illinois is a very impression rest stop like you've never seen before. Set around Rend Lake, it's a place where if you're on a road trip you have to see to believe.

The Rend Lake Rest Stop is unlike any rest stop you've seen. Yes, it has vending machines, restrooms, and a place to relax and stretch your legs, but there's so much more...A lake

Rend Lake Rest Stop

This rest stop (located on I-57) is surrounded by the beautiful Rend Lake which offers hiking along the bank, if you're pulling a boat you can take it for a ride, and views to die for. Only in Your State says,

This gorgeous body of water is actually a reservoir. Clocking in at an impressive 13 miles in length, it serves an important civic role, providing water to 300,000 persons in over 60 communities.

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I've been in some, let's say, not-so-nice rest stops, but never one that was surrounded by a lake and almost looked like it on its island.

If you have kiddos with you The Rend Lake Rest Stop also has a playground for use, lots of sidewalks to use, and lots of ways to get out of the car for a bit and stretch. I wish all rest stops could be like this, I mean I know there aren't lakes everywhere, but the facilities are even some of the cleanest you will ever see according to reviews.

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