Nobody has ever felt such extreme breakup regret as this one specific woman in Illinois this week.

An Illinois man, who wishes to remain anonymous, just went through a breakup three days before Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day is not considered a great day for most people who are newly single.  But it is for this mystery man, as he just won 1 million dollars.  He talked about the moment with the Illinois Lottery when he claimed his winnings on Valentine's Day according to the USAToday,

I don't have a special someone to share my big news with because my girlfriend and I broke up three days before I bought the winning ticket.  "You can say I haven't had much luck in the love department, but that's alright because now I really hit the jackpot.

Anonymous Illinois Man Wins $1 Million

The anonymous man won the lotto with Monopoly the 50X scratch-off game tickets that he purchased at the Walmart located at 137 W. North Ave, Northlake, Illinois.  The winner has chosen the cash option which means he'll receive $600,000 before taxes according to USA Today.

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I can't help but wonder about the ex-girlfriend.  Did she dump him or was it the other way around?  Did he break up with her when he found out he was a lotto winner and waited 3 days to claim his prize so he wouldn't have to share it?  Or, did she dump him and now lives a life of extreme regret?  None of this is our business.  But, I would love to know.

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