This abnormally warm weather in February has felt great! But that could eventually spell bad news for us Minnesotans because the world's deadliest creature ALSO loves warm weather...

If this warm weather keeps up we may be dealing with this deadly creature sooner rather than later. I don't know about you, but for me that's enough reason to hope for the return of winter! Bring on the snow!

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Eventually, though, these creatures will return to Minnesota once it's warm enough as they always do.

Any idea what creature we're talking about?

It's something that we Minnesotans especially love to complain about. Some even say that they're our unofficial state bird.

Deadliest Creature in the World

The deadliest creature in the world is the mosquito! Yep, even more deadly than a lion.


It's based on how many deaths they're responsible for each year. According to Statista, mosquitos are the cause of about a million deaths around the world each year. That's crazy!

When Do Mosquitos Come Back to Minnesota?

So when will the deadly mosquitos come back to Minnesota? Like I was alluding to earlier, it all depends on the weather. If it warms up earlier that means we'll deal with mosquitos earlier in the season.

Do Mosquitos Migrate or Hibernate?

This whole thing made me wonder, what mosquitos do in the winter? Do they actually leave Minnesota?

Alex Carlson, public affairs for the Metro Mosquito Control District, talked to WCCO about this question. He said we have around 52 species of mosquitos in Minnesota (!!) and what they do in winter depends on the species.


None of them migrate, but some adult mosquitos do die when it gets too cold. Others hide out in the winter, and other species lay eggs before winter hits. Then, when it's warm enough, those eggs hatch.

Alex says that the most common mosquitos that bother us in Minnesota are the ones that lay eggs in the fall.

So if our warm weather stays, we may be dealing with these annoying yet deadly creatures sooner than we'd like.

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