What would you do if you woke up and found out you were suddenly a millionaire? What would you spend it on? Someone in Minnesota gets to figure that out for themselves because a winning Powerball ticket was sold here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

Powerball Jackpot Reaches Second-Highest Amount In History
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There was a Powerball drawing yesterday, Monday, March 18th. While no one matched all of the numbers to win the hundreds of millions of dollars, plenty of people woke up millionaires today.

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Yesterday's Powerball Winners

One person in Florida won $2 million with the 'Match 5 plus Power Play', according to KTTC.

Powerball Reaches $1.2B, Third Largest Jackpot Ever
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Then there were five $1 million winners across the country thanks to the 'Match 5'. Those winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Virginia, two in Texas, and the one here in Minnesota.

What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery?

Whether it's a few hundred thousand, a few million, or a billion, winning the lottery is life-changing. There are three popular answers for what people would do if they won, though, according to Bergen Record.

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The third most popular thing people would do with lottery winnings is invest the money. The second: use it to take care of friends and family. And the number one thing people would do with lottery winnings is pay off their debts.

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What Past Winners Have ACTUALLY Done with Lottery Winnings

Is that what past winners have actually done, though? No. Not all of them at least. I found, thanks to Business Insider, what some past lottery winners have done with their money.

$319 million Mega Millions winner John built a water park.

Funny couple taking a fast water ride on a float splashing water. Summer vacation concept.

$25 million lottery winner Bob spent some of the money to advocate for marijuana legalization.

Marijuana leaves, cannabis on a dark background, beautiful Green background of leaves. In door grow hemp. Medicinal indica with CBD.

And $35.3 million Powerball winner Jonathan created a TV show that lasted one season.

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Winning Lottery Ticket Sold in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota

As for our Minnesota Powerball winner, the winning million-dollar ticket was sold at Falls Standard Inc. in Zumbro Falls. KTTC reports that the owner arrived Tuesday morning to a message that a winning ticket was sold at his store.

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So far no one has come forward with the winning ticket, so make sure to check yours!

The winning numbers yesterday were: 10 17 20 39 44 and the Powerball was 16

Also, since no one won the jackpot yesterday the amount is up to $687 million for Wednesday's drawing.

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