2023 has seemed like the year that way too many of our favorite stores have announced they are closing.

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Now with just a couple of months left to go until we flip the calendar, there's another popular discount chain shutting down locations.

So Far, What Else Has Closed or Will Close in 2023?

Just in the past year, we've gotten word about some of the most popular chain stores closing their doors including Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Best Buy.

Buy Buy Baby, Aldi, CVS, and David's Bridal also made announcements this year about store closures.

National Discount Clothing Store Closing Locations

A popular store to find discounted prices on brand-name clothes, shoes, home decor, and more will be closing some stores across the country following the holiday season.

T.J. Maxx has already closed one of its stores in St. Paul, Minnesota, and will be closing a store in early 2024 in the Bronx, New York, reports Block Club Chicago.

Illinois will also be losing one of its T.J. Maxx locations after this holiday season.

According to the report from Block Club Chicago, T.J. Maxx located at 1008 S. Canal Street in The Maxwell will close on January 6, 2024.

We are always assessing and reviewing our real estate strategies, and our decision to close this store reflects that thinking. We are grateful for the loyalty of our Chicago customers and invite them to visit our nearby stores to continue to find great values. -T.J. Maxx spokesperson Monica Crocetti, T.J. Maxx spokesperson

T.J. Maxx is an original tenant that has been in the Maxwell since it opened in 2014, and now there are 6 locations of the discount store in the city limits of Chicago.

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