James Bond finally returns to movie theaters in No Time to Die, starring Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming’s secret agent 007, license to kill. In this installment, Bond once again battles with Spectre and Ernst Stavro Blofeld, plus a new villain, Safan, played by Rami Malek. He’ll also have to do battle with a different sort of problem: The audience’s accumulated memories from 24 previous movies, stretching back more than half a century.

With the Bond series hitting 25 films, the staff of ScreenCrush decided this was the perfect time to figure that out. And, in keeping with our subject, we had to do it big, by ranking every movie in the series from worst to best. We took everything into account; the gadgets, the titles, the song, the stars, the action, the women, even the fashion. You’ll note we didn’t include Never Say Never Again, since that doesn’t belong to the official Eon Productions canon. But we rewatched and reconsidered everything else — up to and including No Time to Die, which you’ll find below — to bring you this ultimate James Bond ranking. Some choices may leave you shaken; others will no doubt stir you into a commenting frenzy. And just like Bond himself, these rankings are likely to change over time. For now, here’s our list.

Every James Bond Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

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