The tomato may have blushed when it saw the salad dressing, but Jennifer Lopez barely batted an eye when she walked into a bathroom Monday night (May 6) while Katy Perry wedged into her human-hamburger costume.

Perry, who'd spent the bulk of the 2019  Met Gala dressed as a human-chandelier, decided to go for a more culinary approach for the event's after-party proceedings, and in a video below, you can see her — lettuce-dress already assembled — trying to squeeze her way into the super-sized snack.

But J. Lo hardly seemed impressed by the feat, and fans picked up on her hilarious indifference.

"The bathroom looks so normal. Omg. Katy Perry is the odd one and JLo is the popular girl. Reminds of middle school," one Twitter-user wrote, while another noted, "Thanks for this. I am forever longing to see interactions in the bathroom between celebs. Imagine cardi and nicki bumping into each other in the bathroom."

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