When I saw this on Thrillist, I had a serious "duh" moment.

That's where the "duh" came from. Of course, I've heard of and ate spaghetti pizza, but why haven't I ever thought about lasagna pizza?

I immediately put my Google-fu skills to work and sadly, I only found one restaurant in Illinois that has the vaunted lasagna pizza on their menu.

Are you ready for a trip to Chicago? Because that's the only place you'll find lasagna pizza and it's at Coalfire Pizza.

With two locations, 1321 West Grand Avenue and 3707 North Southport, Coalfire's lasagna pizza looks absolutely mouthwatering.

According to the Coalfire Pizza website, the Lasagna Pizza is:

Mozzarella, sauce, crumbled Berkshire sausage, sweet red pepper, whipped ricotta, basil, and garlic.

All told, the lasagna pizza from Coalfire will run you $20.

It's worth it though, in my eyes. You won't be able to get it anywhere else at least according to my findings.

I mean we can always wait for Little Caesars to unleash their version of the Lasagna Pizza or we could just make the drive into Chicago.

A trip from Rockford to Coalfire Pizza in Lake View (the closest) will set you back about an hour and 40 minutes.

You can always make a day of it too. The Chicago Tribune highlighted a visit to Coalfire with something else you can do while in the Windy City.

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