Whatever it might be, change of pace or just a plain change of scenery, a tiny house may be the perfect thing for you.

Just a handful of hours from Rockford, in Hortonville, Wisconsin, there's a tiny house for sale where if a reality show was searching for incredible examples of small home living they'd look at this place. Seriously, it's just that gorgeous.

I'm not in a position to move to a tiny home but if I were in the market, I'd definitely consider this one.


Though only a 24' trailer, it feels very spacious and comfortable. The modern design mixed with classic white shiplap and warm wood tones make you feel comfortable and cozy. This is a must see house built by a custom woodworking company.

Somehow, the tiny home manages to fit two bedrooms in only 300 square feet. Other features include a dual loft, metal roof, folding deck, and stairs.

It's a remarkable feat to pull off something livable in a space this dang small.

The home is currently priced at $90,000 but has been listed for over four months so who knows, they may take a good offer just to move the thing. Speaking of, if you're concerned about lugging your new tiny home from Hortonville to Rockford, never fear. The listing mentions "delivery available" so if you plan on setting up shop in Rockford, they'll bring it right to you.

Luxurious Tiny House For Sale In Wisconsin Will Blow Your Mind

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