You might want to stop whatever you're doing and check your pill pack.

Many women take birth control pills for many different reasons.

Some to clear up acne, some to try to convince their organs to stop making them feel like they're dying for a week every month, and then there are quite a lot of women who take 'the pill' to manage when or if they want to have a baby.

That can be a problem if your pills are incorrectly packed.

According to NBC Chicago, one specific pill, Mibelas 24 F-E, is being recalled because one of the batches, L600518 which has a May of 2018 expiration date, was packed incorrectly.

Like out of order.

Which is a pretty big deal if you're trying to have a baby.

Plus, just the idea of the hormone levels being swapped can lead to some hefty mood swings.

So check your packs, and if this affects you, call your doctor ASAP.

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