Hoo Haven, a wildlife rehabilitation center located in Durand, Illinois, is on the hunt to retrieve their beloved kayak that recently drifted away down the Pecatonica River.

The amazing people over at Hoo Haven told me their kayak went missing around April 10th and they have yet to find it.  Have you seen it?

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Hoo Haven posted this on Facebook in hopes someone has seen it floating down the river: "If anybody finds a kayak from Harrison, Illinois to Rockton, Illinois, on the Pecatonica, it belongs to HOO."

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Donald, from Hoo Haven, said the kayak is dark in color and the brand is 'Pelican'.

He believes it floated away when the river banks were extremely high and this isn't the first time this specific kayak has gone missing.

According to Donald, "That kayak has gone on many pelican rescues," and "It has seen many things." 


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As much as it sucks the kayak is missing, it's kind of funny to hear that an inanimate object has gone on many adventures more than the average person haha.

If you're near the Pecatonica River and spot a dark, Pelican kayak somewhere between Harrison, Illinois and Rockton, Illinois, just know it's probably the property of Hoo Haven over at 10823 Cleveland Road in Durand, Illinois.

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