With Valentine's Day just a month away, the smell of love is definitely in the air. Wait, that's not love, that's the delectable scent of chicken rings, accordian fries and those delicious sliders from White Castle.

Chief Meteoroligist, Mark Henderson, from WIFR TV was driving through Dekalb and he couldn't help but snap a photo of their White Castle's sign.

Mark Henderson via Facebook
Mark Henderson via Facebook

His caption read, "Well played, White Castle, well played...." Well played in deed. His wife Sara quickly replied, "Don't even think about it."  Umm, no, you should totally think about it.

I mean, what does it say about my relationship if I'm actually considering booking my own reservation? Stop judging me.

So just what exactly does a romantic night at White Castle entail? According to their website, "tables will be served, Cravers will be treated like royalty, memories will be cherished forever (so don't forget your camera)" Yeah, because no one will believe you when you tell them you spent the most romantic night of the year with delicious gut bombs and fries.

It is almost hard to believe so I tried to call White Castle to confirm that this isn't some kind of prank; and it's gotta be legit because their phone has been busy most of the evening; probably booking reservations.

Update: I got through and it's totally legit.



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