One of the reasons The Last Dance isn't so much a documentary and more of a mini-series is the slant.

Michael Jordan, whom the 10 part series that gripped the nation is about, is also the producer.

So it makes sense when putting this whole thing together it's been a tad difficult to play it down the middle.

There have been grumblings for over 30 years regarding the Michael Jordan-Isiah Thomas relationship.

It started as a rookie when Jordan made the NBA All-Star team, and an apparent "freezing out" that occurred during the game orchestrated by Isiah Thomas.

It even spilled over to the 1992 Olympic Basketball team, of which Jordan, and not Thomas, was a member.

During The Last Dance, Jordan denied he played a role in Thomas not making the team.

However, new audio footage has surfaced where Jordan pretty much says he won't play on the team is Thomas is involved.

Thomas got cut, Jordan stayed with the squad, they won Olympic gold and the rest is history.

What do you think? Do you believe the audio? Would Jordan have bailed on the '92 Olympics if Isiah Thomas was on the team?

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