When I'm getting my own racquet, you know that pickleball is starting to pick up steam.

Not saying that pickleball hasn't been a long-time favorite of people who, you know, like to remain active, it's starting to trickle down to those of us, who favor less strenuous activities.

Don't get me wrong, I just got my racquet a few days ago, and I'm still a heckuva novice, but the sport does intrigue me.

Maybe it's the thought of playing ping pong or table tennis while actually standing on the table. At least, that's what I always thought it looked like in my eyes.

Maybe it's because I've exhausted all other sporting opportunities in my life and it was time to try something else?

Either way, I've played pickleball and it's really fun and a different way to get a little workout.


I wasn't sure what to make of the current pickleball phenomenon at the moment but that was before I read this headline just a few days ago:

Can Pickleball Save America?

That's the title of an article from The New Yorker where inside they say:

Pickleball, which is played with paddles and a Wiffle-like ball, has exploded in popularity in recent years. During the pandemic, more than a million Americans began playing it, bringing the total to around five million. Stars and athletes play pickleball (Michael Phelps, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Clooneys); so do grandparents, parents, and children, often together.

The article delves deep into how and why people play pickleball. It's a lengthy read, like most from The New Yorker, but well worth the time if you love the sport.


That said, I agree on the social aspect of pickleball, but it's hard to get into the scene if you don't have anywhere good to play so where do you go to find the best court in Illinois?

Amazing Aces, a website dedicated to pickleball (and the selling of the equipment to play pickleball) mentioned this space:


Close to a children’s park, lake, and nature areas, Briarcliff Woods Park is home to six outdoor pickleball courts for players to enjoy. The pickleball club offers lessons to anyone wanting to learn - just bring your tennis shoes, they’ll provide the rest of the equipment!


If you've never played before, you might want to give it a shot now.

Who knows, you could be that pickleball player who saves America.

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