Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe might not be there, but you can be. A Friends pop-up is headed to Chicago.

I started watching Friends the day it premiered, September 22, 1994, and while I think my mom may have been a little crazy letting a seven-year-old watch the six besties order coffee and talk about their broken relationships on an orange couch, I was hooked from day one.

And now, I've stumbled upon a Friends pop-up coming to Chicago and to quote Janice, Oh My God I have to be there... for you.

Just kidding, for me, but like I was trying to throw the lyrics in there.

So here's the thing, we don't have that much info.

According to the Facebook page, the pop-up is hosted by Replay Lincoln Park and will be a thing from November 9 until November 25.

Replay Lincoln Park is a bar, so like that's probably where it is, and it will be open from three in the afternoon until midnight each day.

I NEED TO BE THERE. Should we road trip it? Let me know.

I went to the Saved By the Bell one, and it was everything I wanted and more, but this would be a legit dream come true.

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