If someone asked you what your dream job is, what would you say? A doctor? An athlete? I would honestly say getting paid to sleep. Turns out I'm in luck because NASA is offering up a pretty sweet opportunity.

NASA wants to pay you to basically rest for 60 days. You wouldn't sleep for 60 days straight, but you would be lying down.

FOX details -

On behalf of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center is studying how the body changes in weightlessness. They say that bed rest actually simulates this condition. The center is currently looking for test person to take part in a bed rest study from September to December 2019. The study will take place in Cologne and will require participants to spend 60 days lying down.

Interested? There are qualifications. According to FOX -

Participants must be women between ages 24 and 55. They cannot smoke, must stand between 152 and 190 centimeters tall (between 4.9 - 6.2 feet tall), and have a BMI between 19 and 30. Those who participate in the study will reportedly receive several rewards, including an expense allowance of 16,500 Euros. This converts to about $18,564.98.

To participate, contact the German Aerospace Center at +49 2203 601 3472 or by emailing them. For more information, visit their website. However, note that you will have to translate the page into English.

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