No one loves snow in the spring, but we can appreciate a cute snowman from afar.

Yes, I'm writing this story on Monday, April 1, but no it's not an April Fools' Day joke. The photo is a few weeks old, but still pretty endearing if you ask me.

None of us were excited for a snowstorm on March 22, well none of us except Eyewitness News beloved meteorologist Joey Marino.

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Joey won the hearts of Rockford TV news fans immediately when he joined the morning team over six years ago and he's been re-winning their hearts ever since.

From bringing his pups to work to celebrating his baby girl and her 'stormy,' name, everyone loves Joey.

Which is why Joey is probably the only person in Illinois who could post a photo like this in late March and make his Facebook fans smile.

As a Friends fan, now only can I appreciate the Snowy Tribbiani post, but also Kristina's comment, 'I thought that was Dr. Drake Ramoray. My bad.'

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It would be nice if I could end this story telling you we were done with the snow for the season, but it looks like we might have to worry about some flakes on Wednesday.

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Maybe that will be it? And we can bring on actual spring? I'm sure Joey can think up some fun Facebook posts to celebrate that season, too.

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