I remember when I first moved to Wisconsin, I was having dinner with my son, Tanner, who was 15 at the time; and something shocking happened.

We were sitting at the bar when I overheard the gentleman sitting to my right order his son, who also looked to be about 15, a beer.  Out of curiosity, I asked the bartender, "did that man just order his teenage son a beer?"

To my surprise, he said "yes" and informed me that it's legal in Wisconsin for people under the age of 21 to drink with an adult that's of legal drinking age.

You might be wondering what I did next; did I buy my son a beer? Nope. It seemed like a great idea, to my son, but it just made me feel uncomfortable.

Now that he's 19 I feel a little bit differently; and there have been times I would've been OK with and maybe even liked it if he could've had a drink with me.  (Look, the kid is in college, I know he drinks and I'd rather have him do it in front of me so I know he's safe.)

According to WREX, my son, and anyone you know who's under the age of 21, would be able to drink with you at a bar or restaurant; legally. A representative from Springfield is sponsoring the bill, that was proposed in January, that "would make it legal for people under 21 to drink at a bar or restaurant with their parent."

No word on when the bill will be voted on.

If it was passed, would you take advantage and allow your underage son or daughter to drink with you?


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